Fix Corrupt MOV Files

MOV is one of the most popular video file formats that are usually used in digital cameras. MOV files are very essential part of our life today. However there are some common possibilities to lose these MOV files due to corruption. Once the file is broken then it refuses to play normally, if the corrupt MOV file is very much essential for you then you need to go for reliable MOV file repair tool. No need to search for further, here is the best MOV file fixer that is designed by a team of experts in order to fix the broken files. This tool has a scan technology to detect the broken part of the video file, once the MOV file is fixed with the help of this tool then it will play fluently. But it is important to know that how these MOV files get broken.

Some main reasons due to which the MOV files get corrupted are discussed here simply get through them. Usually the MOV files get broken or damaged due to a plenty of reasons such as OS crash, malfunctioning of installed software, inappropriate system shutdown or power stoppage while the MOV file is playing or is under file transfer process. But sometimes the MOV video files will be damaged on memory cards of digital cameras due to virus assault, camera switch off while playing videos, etc. Once the MOV file is broken then it is sure that it won’t play properly until it is fixed with an efficient tool. So this professionally designed MOV file fixer can easily repairs such files. It has no support issues of any digital cameras codecs, for more details check this link

This application is skilled enough to repair corrupt, broken or damaged MOV files and also fixes MP4 files that refuse to play on QuickTime. This tool has the efficiency to mend damaged MOV files that is broken because of faults created on any digital video camcorder firmware. This tool can support the repair of MOV files on almost all Windows and Mac based computers having any OS versions. This tool is just read only tool and automated to repair severely corrupted MOV files without harming any other files. It has the technique to mend the files which are stored on any external data storage devices. Each and every step of repair process is explained with detailed screen shots, going through this you will come to know how to fix broken MOV video file.

This MOV file fixer is also available in trial version to evaluate the results, install the trail version on your system and then run it by selecting damaged or broken MOV file, once the tool scans it completely then it will b fixed. Here you can preview the fixed file using any of the view options. You can also save the scan process, but to restore back that fixed video you need to purchase activation key of this tool.

Most Effective Tool to Fix Broken MOV Files

MOV is the video file format which is developed by Apple which runs on Quick time player. This MOV files are more prone to corruption when compared to other media file format. The cause for this broken MOV file differs by various situations. MOV file gets broken due to many reasons which can be either due to system errors or by user mistakes. Most of the time MOV file will be broken due to header corruption, using improper recovery software, errors while downloading, fault with digital camcorder firmware, etc. MOV files also get infected by the external threats like malwares, viruses which is affected due to storage device corruption on which the MOV files are saved. Your MOV file might get broken when you attempt to convert the video file format from MOV to AVI or MOV to FLI or MOV to MP4, etc. When you cannot convert the video file successfully from one form to another due to any interruptions like power fluctuations, mishandling of the device, etc then your MOV files gets broken due to improper file conversion process.

Causes for the broken MOV files

  • Due to improper recovery: MOV files get broken after improper recovery process. Whenever the MOV files are lost or deleted, you try to recover it by using any third party software. When this process is not completed successfully then the MOV files gets broken up due to improper recovery. This is because usage of any unreliable third party software causes the serious damage to your MOV video files.
  • Quick time errors: Sometimes while trying to open the MOV files you may encounter the error messages stating that “Error 2048, cannot open the file”, which is the indication that MOV files are not recognized by the Quick time player due to its corruption.
  • Due to unsupported media player: When you try to open the MOV files on any unsupported media player other than Quick time then it might damages its header which makes the data inaccessible. In such cases it can alter and then corrupt the Quick time application file.

How to solve this problem

When you come across this problem of broken MOV video files, you can easily get the excellent solution for how to fix broken MOV video file by using fix broken MOV video file software. This software successfully fix corrupted MOV video files caused by various reasons.

How this software works

This amazing fix MOV video software is designed with as advanced scanning program that scans the complete system drive and repairs the broken MOV files easily within a few minutes. To repair broken MOV files it uses an automated repair process that extracts the audio and video stream separately and then adjoins them to create new playable MOV video files. This application also fixes the damaged or corrupted MOV files causes by the faulty firmware. Go through this site, to know how to fix MOV files within a couple of clicks.

Tips to avoid broken MOV video files

  • Do not use the camcorder having faulty firmware for recording MOV videos.
  • Always use an UPS on your system, to avoid MOV files broken due to improper system shut down after power failure.
  • Always keep your hard drive in defragmented from to avoid any kind of errors.