How to Restore Deleted Folder from C Drive?

folder_png8754Hard drive is a vital component of laptops or desktops. Storage device is non-volatile in nature and has a large amount of data saving capability. The storage space of hard drive is ranging from 40 GB to several four terabytes. Hard drive stores data on platters, which are made up of magnetic material. The first sector of the hard drive is Master Boot Record of 512 bytes contain all essential information about the drive partition and operating system. These data storage drives are available in different types such as ATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA, and so on. To organize data efficiently, you can divide system hard drive into logical partitions and while dealing with these logical partitions or volumes you should be careful.

Otherwise, you may face your folder or important files deletion or loss issue. Let us consider a real-time scenario where you want to install dual operating system into their existing system drive partition, during installation OS alerts a message saying that partition space is not sufficient to install the operating system. To install the system, you delete some folder from system c drive to increase memory space of drive partition. During this process, you delete some folder from system c drive to install the OS. After installing OS, when search folder from C drive, then you come up to know that the folder is not existing and get deleted. This folder may contain some files which are important for your professional life.

If you are facing this kind of folder deletion issue, then no need to depress, use Folder Recovery app and easily get back your folder along with all the files saved in it. This easy to use tool is specially developed to recover deleted folder from c drive without any other difficulty.

Common Scenarios of Folder Deletion from C Drive:

Accidentally Deletion: At the time of removing useless data from system C drive, you may end up with an accidental selection of your important folder and face folder deletion issue.

Using Key Combination: Sometimes, when you delete a folder from C drive by using the key combination like “shift + Delete”, then it bypasses the recycle bin folder get deleted permanently from C drive.

Reinstalling OS: In order to reinstall the operating system, you need to format the C drive by which all the data along with folders get deleted from it permanently and lead to folder deletion.

Other Causes: Viruses attack on the system drive, OS crash, partition corruption, improper operations, MBR Corruption, emptied recycle bin, drive defragmentation, bad sectors, abrupt system termination can also lead to folder deletion from C drive.

Features of Folder Recovery Application:

  • Folder Recovery app supports to recover deleted folder from C drive on all the versions of Microsoft Windows based desktops and laptops without any other difficulty.
  • With the help of this recovery utility, you can recover your deleted folder from different data storage devices, including external hard drive, pen drive, flash drive, memory card, memory stick and many others.
  • Supports to recover deleted folder from C drive which can have with different file systems such as FAT 32, NTFS, FAT16, NTFS5, and others efficiently.
  • Able to recover folder from deleted, lost, formatted, non-booting, corrupted, inaccessible, crashed or damaged C drive without any other difficulty.
  • Once the scanning process is over, you can take the preview of files from recovered folder by using its preview feature.