Learn to Download and Install Windows 10

In the last year Microsoft released Windows 10 as the latest version of the Windows operating system. It provided free upgrade to the users of Windows 8 and Windows 7 in order to enable the users to make use of the new features. Windows 10 is the only operating system that is available online rather than by disc or USB stick.

downloading-windows-10-100598941-largeNow there are many ways by which Windows 10 can be installed, if you are using the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 then you can freely install Windows 10. Whereas installing the Windows 10 in place of other versions is little difficult procedure.

If the retail copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 is available with you, then license can be transferred to your new computer by installing the Windows 7/8.1 and you can upgrade Windows 10 using the following method below.

Windows 10 reservation tool:

  • The most important thing you need to make sure is before installing any new software you should have a backup of the files available in the computer. Especially when you install a new operating system you should have backup, because there maybe something wrong while installation and there are chances of files getting deleted.
  • Before installing the Windows 10 you need to make sure that the present Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is updated with the all the latest upgrades. To know all the available important updates go to Control Panel>All Control Panel Items> Windows Update or Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Update and just follow the on screen prompts.
  • Once you are done with the Windows updates installation, a tiny Windows icon will be displayed in your System Tray. You need to click it and follow the on-screen prompts, the compatibility of your computer will be checked by a wizard and a copy of Windows will be reserved in the staggered worldwide download queue of Microsoft.
  • Once the reserved copy of the Windows is ready, a dialog box will be displayed and it will be prompting you to download the installer. You need to accept and wait for long time. The installer size will vary which depends on the existing setup, but its range will be at least 2.5GB.
  • Once the installer is successfully downloaded, there will be a prompt of another dialog box indicating to start the installation. Once you begin the installation it will observe long time to finish installing Windows 10 and enjoy using it.