Tool to Recover Flash Card Data

What is flash drive?

Flash drives are used for the purpose of storing data or taking back up of important files. This drives are faster compared to other storage devices and it can sustain certain number of write and erase cycle before it gets failed. This drives are smaller, faster and are more reliable while storing data.

How flash drive gets damaged or corrupted?

If proper antivirus is not installed in the system, then there are high chances of deletion or loss of data from storage devices due to virus or malware. Sometimes important work is going on and suddenly power cut occurs, then there are chances of losing data from the device. While deleting folders you chooses wrong folder and it gets deleted permanently. When files are open from the storage device and suddenly you choose to remove from the system then there are chances of losing all the data. Sometimes operating system might behave inappropriately and affect the storage devices to lose all the data from it.

How to overcome the above Scenarios?

recover flash cardRecover flash card tool is an application which can be used to recover data from drive without altering original data which is present in drive. It has the ability to recover files which are unknowingly deleted or lost and can retrieve 300+ different types of files such as images, audio, videos, games and so on.          Software can easily restore data from bypass recycle bin and supports different operating system like Windows and Mac. Recover flash card application uses interactive GUI and advance algorithm, so that it can retrieve quickly and recovered data can be stored on the basis of size, file type, name, and date.

Steps for installing recover flash card:

  1. First download and install the recover flash card application on you system.
  2. Launch & Select “Recover files” from the screen displayed and wait until the page is being loaded.
  3. Select logical drive from where data needs to be retrieve and click “Next” button
  4. Afterwards, Wait till scanning is finished and data is recovered.
  5. After process of scanning the recovered data will be displayed along with its description.
  6. You can view files by using “Preview” button, if you’re satisfied with the retrieved data from demo version then “Buy” software from online and save recovered data on your desired place.

Some features of recover flash card:

  • It supports various kind of file system.
  • After completion of process you can view by file type view or data view.
  • Retrieves data from different gadgets such as camcorder, tablet, mobile phone, SD card, CF card, MMC etc…
  • Software is not limited to particular company but it has special property by which it can recover files without losing a single file.


  1. Don’t remove flash drive from system, when files are open.
  2. Back up all the data into some other external storage device.
  3. Use trusted application to recover data.