Easy Way to Recover Deleted Video Files on Windows 10

“Yesterday night, when I tried to delete some unwanted video files from Windows 10 operating system, I accidentally select some useful video files and press ‘shift + delete’ option. As a result, the video files get permanently deleted. I don’t know how to recover those deleted files. Even I don’t have the backup files. If anyone know an easy way to recover deleted video files on Windows 10? Or if you know about any reliable tool, please suggest me”.

recover deleted video files on Windows 10

Basically people always do mistakes with their Windows 10 computer and this leads to deletion of huge amount of files and folders. These includes audio file, video file, images, PDF, Screenshot, PowerPoint, etc. There are many ways by which you can lose your important files and folders. Deletion happen and will always happen. So, it’s better to create backup files. Even though if you do not have backup and your important video files get deleted, don’t get panic. Here’s a most reliable software is available which helps to recover deleted video files on Windows 10. This software is named as SDHC Card Recovery Software. This is a read only tool which recover deleted video files on Windows 10 without changing the original file format of any data.

Reasons behind the deletion of video files on Windows 10:

  • Before reinstalling the operating system you have to format the entire system. As a result all files including video files get deleted. To avoid such circumstances you need to create backup of all files.
  • While changing the video files from one format to another format it will leads to deletion of the video file. If this happen you are not able to access those video files.
  • While deleting unwanted video files using ‘shift + delete’ option, users may accidentally select some other video files and hit delete option, as a result they permanently lost their video files.
  • Sometimes the header file of any video file format get corrupted, so you are not able to play the corrupted video file.
  • Other reasons which causes deletion of video files on Windows 10 are excessive bad sectors, repartition of hard drive, file system corruption, unreliable third party tool, software conflicts, etc.

Significant Features of SDHC Card Recovery Tool:

SDHC card recovery tool is used to restore deleted video files on Windows 10 as well as from different types of hard drive such as SATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE. This recovery tool possess smart scanning algorithm which is capable of recovering different video files on Windows 10 PC. This smart scanning engine helps to scan the entire system within few minutes. It recovers deleted video files from different devices like external hard drive, flash drive, iPods, USB drive, memory cards, etc. You can preview the recovered video files before restoring it to the desired drive. It retrieve the video files on the basis of their unique signature and the recovered files can be sort on the basis of different file attributes such as file type, file name, size and file creation date. This tool consists of “Save Recovery Session” feature which helps to resume the recovery session at any time.