How to Create Rule’s in MS Outlook?

A rule is a task that is performed on incoming or outgoing mails in Outlook application automatically depending upon conditions that you specify. You can create a rules to customize your MS Outlook mailbox.

For an instance, you can customize rules to automatically moving mail from default folder to a respective folder.

Create a rule for moving file to specific folder:

  • First, click on “Inbox” folder and in the MS Outlook menu select “Rules and Alerts” option.
  • Next, click on “New Rule” button and choose the “Start from a a template or blank rule” option from Rules Wizard screen, then select the “Check messages when they arrive” option and click on “Next” button.
  • In the next screen, check “Through the specified account” option and click the specified link in the bottom field.
  • You can see a dialog box including a list of all existing accounts and choose the account you need check for  this rule.
  • Next window, Choose the “Move it to the specified folder” option and in the step 2 window click the specified link.
  • You get a pop “Rules and Alters” window there select “Common Inbox” folder which the incoming messages will be moved from the public folder. Click ‘OK’ button.
  • Click the Next button to display dialog box of exceptions. Here you may define the conditions on which the rule will not be applied.
  • Select “Next”button. In the Summary dialog box you will see in which you can also enter the name of the rule.
  • Finally, in order to save the created rule, click on “Finish” button and then click OK.

Create a rule for an existing message:

Follow the below instructions:-

  • In the message list, select the particular message from which you want to make a rule.
  • On the “Home” menu click on “Rules”, and then select “Create Rule” option.
  • In the dialog box “When a new message arrives”, edit the criteria as per your requirement and in order to remove one of the criteria, click”-“button and to add additional criteria, click on “+” button in the Outlook application.
  • Under “Do the following”, specify the required check mark among options that you want to be performed.
  • Finally, click on “OK” button in order to save New Rule in Outlook application.


  1. Suppose, if you are using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or later versions then the rule is automatically saved on the Exchange server.
  2. If you generate multiple rules, on MS Outlook then it runs the rules according to which they are listed in the Rules window.
  3. In order to know more information about how to make Outlook more customization then follow this link.