Know How to Repair RAR Unexpected End of Archive

WinRAR is an application used to create and unpack RAR file on Windows system. A RAR file is an archive file format, which supports file compression to reduce the file size. This well- known archive file format helps the user to compress larger file or folder into small unit, so that it can be easily transferred to other user via internet. In fact, it can compress one or more number of multimedia files into single folder to save hard disk memory. But due to several reasons, continuously RAR file gets corrupted that results in loss of important data.

Sometimes, while downloading RAR file via slow internet connection can damage the file. Which might throw unexpected error while trying to open it. There are lot of other reasons that lead to corruption of RAR file such as, header file corruption, virus infection, improper download, interrupted transfer, wrong compression, malfunctioned WinRAR and other factors. Consider WinRAR has been abruptly terminated while extracting RAR archive, then also RAR file may get damaged and you will not able to access any of the file compressed on it. If you are facing similar problem then might be worrying about how to fix unexpected end of archive WinRAR files on Windows computer. In fact, you have tried several method to repair but still not been succeed to fix the problem.

Don’t worry, here you can learn how to fix unexpected end of archive WinRAR file on Windows as well as other WinRAR file supported machine. WinRAR Repair is a reliable utility to perform WinRAR file repair. Using this tool, you will be able to fix unexpected end of archive WinRAR files and efficiently get back new healthy WinRAR files. RAR file repair process could be performed quickly using this advanced tool.

Common reasons that may lead to unexpected end of RAR archive:

  • If computer is infected by viruses, worms or malwares, as a consequence of this RAR archive file might get damaged and throws error message, when you try to access it.
  • While extracting RAR file, if the system get shut down abruptly then it can corrupt the RAR file.
  • In case of RAR file saved on bad sector created on hard drive, then it will refuse to open along with throwing unexpected error.
  • Improper termination of WinRAR application while working on it can also lead to corruption of RAR file, which may lead to unexpected end of RAR archive.

Some other reasons like CRC error, header corruption, interrupted extraction etc can also make the RAR file inaccessible or damaged. But this WinRAR repair tool can be utilized to fix any error while working on RAR archives.

Some attributes of WinRAR Repair tool:

It is virus free and advanced utility that can safely fix any RAR file error encountered while extracting or opening the WinRAR archive file. Using this reliable tool, you can get back error free RAR file after performing repair process to fix unexpected end of archive WinRAR file. Utilizing this powerful tool, WinRAR unexpected end of archive error fix process becomes quite easy on Windows computer.

It can fix unexpected end of archive WinRAR file of all versions. This tool can also be utilized to repair protected RAR archives. Its user friendly interface makes the repairing process completely automated, so that novice user can also utilize this tool to fix RAR file error like an expert. It supports repairing of RAR files from different file system partitions such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT 32 etc. Also capable to fix error from large RAR file that has been inaccessible due to CRC error, header corruption, Windows error and other reasons.