Know How to Restore NTFS Partition in Windows

NTFS is the advanced file system of FAT for Windows Operating System. It enables OS to quick operation like read, write and access.  Formatting a volume with NTFS file system, lead to creation of file system, which contains the detail information about all files and folder on that specific volume. NTFS provides security to crucial data by supporting data access control and privileges.

Partition is the small logical unit part of hard drive which allows you to keep you data is a well manner. There is inbuilt partitioning tool Disk Management Utility in Windows OS to partitioning your hard disk as per your requirement. By partitioning you can take benefit of using multi OS in a single System.

Even with such numerous features there are some circumstances where data loss can occur from partition due to various reasons. Sometime you may face large data loss due to deletion or loss of whole partition, which may create a big problem for you. But in this era of advanced technology you need not to worry, now tech people has developed recovery tool by using which you can retrieve NTFS lost partition easily. You can use “NTFS Partition Recovery” to recover Windows NTFS partition   which is one of the most used and trusted tool due to its extra ordinary features. It is powerful enough recover data from Windows NTFS partition even from corrupted or formatted hard drive within few minutes. This ensures you that there will not be any modification on original data while recovering Windows NTFS partition.

Cause Due to Which Partition may get loss from your hard drive

Accidental Format: Sometimes you may need to format any partition; by mistake you may format another drive, which will lead to large data loss.

Virus Attack: Viruses are most common unwanted programs which try to modify existing files and folders. If file system get corrupted then data store inside partition become inaccessible.

Upgrading OS: Upgrading OS without proper back up may lead to deletion of all data from drive as a result whole data will be loss.

Unreliable Third Party partitioning Tool: Despite of inbuilt disk management utility, there are third party portioning tool which may lead to deletion of partition.

Other Reasons: Besides above mentioned scenarios there are many other reasons due to which partition may get loss or deleted from hard drive such as interruption while partitioning, MBR corruption, system crash, etc.

Features of the NTFS Partition Recovery tool

  • NTFS Partition Recovery tool has inbuilt efficient algorithm which scan entire hard drive for Windows NTFS partition recovery within few minutes.
  • It facilitates Windows NTFS partition recovery even n worst case such as crashing of HDD/OS.
  • It smart algorithm follows automatic recovery process and does not let you worry about how to recover lost NTFS partition.
  • It identifies almost all type of files including word, document, PPT, Zip, RAR, images, songs, videos, etc. and recovers them with ease.
  • Behind Microsoft Windows partition recovery; you can use this utility to recover data from other storage devices like memory card, pen drive, external hard disk, etc.
  • It has nice user friendly GUI which enables any novice user as expert for Windows NTFS partition recovery.
  • Store Recovery Session enables you to save your time by avoiding rescanning of the same drive or hard drive for Windows NTFS partition recovery.
  • Recovered partition data can be saved on any other or same storage device.