MOV Video File Repair on Windows 8

Apple Computer using a proprietary compression algorithm develops MOV video file container that is most common multimedia format utilized in Apple QuickTime for storing audio and video streams and even including text and images. However, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

Consider you have captured a video during your friend’s gathering which is very happiest moment, using handy cam. Later, you transfer that video file to system for safety and better storage purpose. However, this MOV video file might corrupt due to few uncertain reasons and give an error while you play on supported player on Windows 8. So, in such situation what will you do? How will you solve this problem? Suppose if you really facing an error with one of your beloved MOV video file no need to worry; because you can easily repair with the use of efficient video repair software called MOV Video Repair. This application can easily repair MOV files on Windows 8 system in few simple steps. Initially this application scans your MOV video file and separates both audio and video streams to fix issues with them. Finally, adjoins them once repaired them separately to give audio and video synchronized healthy playable video file on Windows 8 system.

List of reasons behind the corruption of MOV video file

  • Virus attacks: Suppose if you have stored the MOV video file on virus infected storage drive then virus threats attacks your file and alters file structure which results in inaccessible video file.
  • File header corruption: Each file you store on system hard drive have their own file header which stores a file name, size, type and other information. Suppose if your MOV video file header is damaged due to any reasons then you cannot able to access the file and results in loss of file.
  • Faulty handy cam firmware: Suppose if you have captured a video in a faulty handy cam that might result in inaccessible output video file.
  • Interruption during file transfer: Suppose while moving file from your handy cam to system if any interruption occurs then your MOV video files get corrupted.
  • User mistakes: Attempting to capture a video file even though your device is showing low battery signal might corrupt your MOV file. In addition, abrupt removal of memory card out from camera even though file is in use.

Above-mentioned list of reasons might corrupt or damage your MOV video file and results in inaccessible file. However, corrupted or damaged MOV video file can be easily repaired with the use of video repair application at your fingertips. This application can fix MP4 video file format on both Windows and Mac system, which is not playing on any supported media player.

Various advantages of application are

  • Fixes video files which his refuses to play on QuickTime player
  • Repairs broken, damaged and corrupted MOV video files
  • Fixes large sized MOV video files
  • User friendly, safe, secure and easy to use application
  • Provides free technical support via email and live chat applications for 24*7 hours
  • Application is totally automated repair process
  • Allows you to preview repaired files prior saving to disk
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8, etc
  • Supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32, ExFAT file system
  • Avoids further damage to your MOV file by utilizing duplicate of your video file for repair process

Note: You can make use demo version product before purchasing full version and can check whether application has ability to repair your MOV video file. In addition once repair process is done allows you to view repaired video file. If you are happy with the result then purchase license to activate application then only you are allowed to save repaired file to disk.

Tips to follow:

  • Don’t capture any videos when your camera is showing low battery signal
  • Backup of your captured MOV files on any other reliable external storage device
  • Don’t attempt to convert your MOV video file to other file format by using third party application