Recovering Files from Formatted External Hard Disk

Assume you happen to be stuck in circumstances, where you have plugged your thumb drive to your system in order to format it since it takes longer time to detect on your system. You are afraid that your particular thumb drive may be infected by virus. So, you’d rather format it to eliminate virus completely. While doing this formatting action, you quickly choose the system hard disk thinking that it must be your thumb drive and format it. Only at that instance, whatever files and folders you’ve saved on this drive is deleted immediately. Even sometimes, as soon as your external hard drive goes inaccessible because of unexpected reasons, then you certainly format it causing loss of data.

To get over such issues, we have one of the ultimate formatted file recovery tool that can effectively retrieve your files from system hard disk drives even after unintentional formatting it. There are more scenarios due to which your hard disk drive is formatted.

Common scenarios for formatting the drive

  • Formatting of the hard drive during reinstallation of OS: At times, you forgot to back up your computer before reinstall new OS in order to improve performance of your computer than ever before. This type of formatting results in massive loss of data.
  • Intentional formatting: Any errors like partitioning errors, bad sector issues, errors during file transfer, etc might damage your drive that is externally attached to computer and make it inaccessible. To stop these errors, it is essential to format the external hard drive.
  • Formatted the pen drive when you are getting format error: Because of usage of USB drive in numerous PCs and disconnecting it without employing safely remove option or whatever reason, which corrupts your USB drive displaying this error. Then, you continue with the on-screen instructions and format it leading to loss of data.

For any of the mentioned scenarios, formatted file recovery application is just the right choice, which shows how to restore files after accidental format from computer.

Highlights of Formatted File Recovery Application

Formatted File Recovery Application has special algorithms that can get back entire system hard disk drive data after format during OS reinstallation. It enables you to retrieve data from Windows based file systems like NTFS, EXFAT, FAT32, NTFS5 and FAT16 formatted partitions together with Mac based file systems like HFS+ and HFSX formatted drives. It is possible to carry out file recovery from formatted memory cards, flash drives, external hard drives and many more. This application can effectively get back files from PC hard disk drive after format to restore around 300 file types. In case your thumb drive goes inaccessible, this application easily rescues data from inaccessible or corrupted thumb drive effortlessly. You are able to successfully execute file recovery process after formatting various brands of hard disk drives like Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, etc as well as different thumb drive brands like Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, Lexar and many more.